how to get all females


Aero Lord
Jul 18, 2006
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It is impossible to get all females... just a lil better ratios.


Jun 2, 2006
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hahaha. yup.

thats just an ancient wet dream :p

but there are many ways to up your ratios-

#1. DONT use heating pads when germinating(unless it is cold where this is happening). pack them TIGHT into wet soil and i guarentee if they arent redbud theyll pop in a couple days- heating pads cause for stretching and taproot stresses which all aid to the development of males.

2. stress is the key factor in female/male ratios. the less stress the more likely you are to get females. so good conditions and good lighting also adds to getting more females.

3. 18/6 lighting schedule compared to 24/0- 18/6 has by far blown the top on female/male ratios. again it comes down to stress. you have a higher potential for females if you start your seeds on a natural 18/6 lighting schedule. besides some flukes, good growers and/or lieing on the behalf of those who like 24/0 cycles when using seeds- the evidence shows female/male ratio is higher on 18/6.

4. ph levels of your water and soil. if ph is too hot, again- stress comes into mind.

5. acidity levels of soil. although related to PH levels somewhat- the acidity level will be based on how many additives are in your potting soil.

6. also on overgrow when these "experiments" (not really experiments) were being done, it was found that the roots on male plants tended to grow horizontally the most- and roots on female plants tended to grow downwards vertically the most (and filling out inbetween of course as the plants ages)

so it was thought that planting seeds in longer more narrow mediums would promote downward root growth and inturn raise potential for more females.

but sadly overgrow shut down before that could be concluded.

mind you all of this is just kind of not worth it if your just trying to grow. alot of us were actually trying to prove something rather than grow.

if you have a respectable enviroment and good genetics you will have perfectly fine female/male ratios. :D

but some rules of thumb- dont use pre-fertilized soils- dont fertilize seeds or very young plants- dont trim off hella leavels, EVER, unless 50% or more of the leaf is destroyed by whatever means.

good luck :)

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