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OK im planning on growing some marijuana, and im a newbie, so i got a couple of questions on how to start?

first of im growing outside, where should i plant the seeds?
How often should i water them or never jus tlet nature do it?
how mutch sun do they need?
how long do they take?
and how do i "harvest them"?, what do i pick?, should i pick only male or femal?


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May 25, 2005
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Nugget 123 gave you the best advice.
You need to do a lot of reading, not only to answer the Q's you asked but many you didn't like what kind of soil, nutrients, etc.
I'll hit just the high points
-Harvest is usually around mid-Oct.
-They need as much sun as possible.
-You need to find a location where no one ever goes, which means remote.
-They need water at least 2 x/week. If it doesn't rain you must bring them water.
-Only female plants grow buds.

But you need to know sooo much more to have a sucessfull grow.

I've been growin pot for decades. If you read about the basics I'll be glad to help you.

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