I am new when it comes to homemade hemp milk anyone have any good recipes?

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    Hello everybody!,

    I have never made hemp milk before and I was hoping that some of you people would have any good suggestions for a really good hemp milk recipes.

    I just recently bought a 2 pond bag of hemp seeds from an online hemp store and I have looked around at some videos and websites on some recipes but I don't wanna mix unwanted ingredients in the hemp milk recipe that I want to make. So I was thinking about asking for some advice on what you would think for a really good recommendations?

    I have never had I nor tried hemp milk before but would it taste anything like soy milk or no??

    I read up on it on an article that says that it taste nutty and that's really all pretty much all that it said.

    I am hoping that some of you who have tried it could recommend a good way about making right in tasting good.

    I know that there are tons of hemp milk recipes that maybe out there but I wanted to know what anyone else here would highly recommend as a good starting point?

    If you could help that would be greatly helpful and I appreciate it for your honesty ahead of time!.


    Cannabis Kid

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