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I have a story to tell you


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Jun 24, 2006
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Well last week i drove to mexico.....2 weeks before that i had about 50 seeds sent to my house and they got confiscated. since i had got seeds confiscated before i thought what the heck and headed for mexico....well when i got to mexico I shopped around and then decided to head home....When i was crossing the border, the cops started searching me, tearing my car up, breaking my pots, just destroying everything....After about 2 hours or so i was released with no reason to why they did that or anything.....i had went to mexico with my friend and his dad happen to be a officer in laredo so we told him what happened. He ended up calling the department and saying why did you search my son and his friends....The officer told them that my license plate number was recorded on the database for selling marijuana. They told us that when i had ordered seeds to my home address. they had put my license plate number and license in the data base saying i sold marijuana.....I just wanted to let you guys know that this happened to me


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Mar 30, 2006
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I once got pulled over in Tn. shortly after 9/11 by a different type of officer that explained he "worked with the federal government", far from a local podunk cop. He ran my info andcame back asking why I had gone to mexico on this and that date and kept me on the side of the road for hours. He knew when I had gone and when I had come back.


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Jun 22, 2006
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hmm, thats crazy Biff
and that kinda sounds like a load of crap Marywanna, have you sold marywanna before???


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Jun 6, 2006
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its just a good job that no real crime ever happens, otherwise those cops would be just wasting their time.


the biggest hassle i've ever had was with U.S. border patrol officers and this was at a border crossing between bc and idaho. they stripped my car and pulled everthing out of my wallet plus searched my clothes - i was down to my underwear. plus my friends as well. we had gone to oregon thru washington state and did a full circle coming back thru idaho. we had almost no luggage and did the trip in 6 days. then they called for more personal, we were allowed no food or phone calls and spent 7 hours being questioned. i pissed them off by going to sleep and only giving my old serial number, rank and name. 1 buddy was sick, that why we decided to return early - they laughed at his complaints. finally, i said enough is enough and the 3 of us walked out during shift change across the border and sat down in plain view. phoned the dept. of several gov't agencies and the rcmp. they had our I.D.'s, credit cards, licence cards, everything plus our vehicle.

the rcmp could get nothing so 1 of them called bctv news and a team showed up for the story, then and only then did they smarten up and co-operate. they towed our car up still trashed and said everything was in it but a rcmp sargent said wait. he went and looked at it with a cameraman and then demanded that they put everything back in order: there was a reason that they towed it there. it cant run with the motor ripped apart; we spend 3 days there compliments of the u.s. customs and turned down the nice invitation to stay on their side.

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