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hi guys...i got this crop that started going bad on me over the(friday) weekend...the ph went too low...didnt checked it for like only 2 days and all of them starting wilting and drooping with brown and black stains on the fan leaves.. by now(monday) some of the fan leaves are drying and falling off..the question is: is it worth it trying to help surviving this crop??? or should i start again??? is like 40 sum plants...believe me guys i really regret not checking on that ph....just wanna give an idea of the system and by the way am a 1st time grower..ebb and flow system..res.30gal....water heater and pumps on reservoir to keep nutes moving around...400w mhalide wi cool reflector... i changed the water when i came home friday and adj. ph..now this is the thing.... the getting from bad to worst process stop, and the growing tips are coming out nice and healthy but they been in veg. stage for 5 weeks...u see want am trying to say??? am thinking it might take another 4 or 5 weeks on veg to get to flowering...anyhints and advice from all of you would be greatly appreciated.....thanks...

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Jan 6, 2006
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