I think i need some help with my hydro setup


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May 1, 2006
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New grower here
I will describe my setup
I have a 3x6 tray w/camoplast frame on top w/12 holes cut out so my
6'' net pots can hang about 4'' from the bottom .I'm using hydroton to grow in I have a black rubber-maid container for my nuts Ill be using 60L of water there is 2 air bubblers and one aquarium heater also a 320 gph pump to 3/4'' hose up to the tray 1/4 spaghetti lines to spray emitters. I have 1-1000w hps with a 2x2 light hood w/2-4'' vents hooked up one end of the 4'' to my pollied off window and the other end to a 6'' vent pipe I installed. The 6'' pipe comes out of my pollied off grow area and runs down to a 6'' 624cfm hurricane fan then to a carbon filter
Now I just got some clones from a bud and I'm wondering about my nuts
I'm thinking 6.6ml for 20L of water then once they root good try 26.4ml for
20L does this setup sound like it will work good , any info would be nice.:ccc: :ccc:


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Jul 18, 2006
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It sounds like you are on track... I just made myself a bubble cloner yesterday actually. The only thing that could be a problem would be the net pots... but I'm assuming it was a typo... they should not be sitting in water. Ur nutes schedule u should get from the company that makes the nutes. Normally for a lot of different brands it is around 1.25ml per liter first week... then 2.5.. then 5... I've found the 5 is a little too much for the plants until around the 3rd week... but i still feed that way. Check the manufacturers desired amounts.

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