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Oct 5, 2006
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Howdy folks,
I've been reading up for a while and am nearly ready to start my first indoor grow. I have a couple questions I haven't found the answer to here.
I'm growing inside in a closet, but I'm still concerned about temperatures. I live in the basement of an older house, so inside temps can reach the 50's at night. I could run a propane heater constantly in my room, but the expense is prohibitive.
Will my 400w lights keep my closet warm enough (2x3x6feet tall) or will the intake air cool things off too much? Should I run the light w/o the fan to increase temp, or is that asking for trouble? I can insulate the closet with rigid foam to keep the grow boxwarmer, but the intake will still be sucking cool/cold air.
Should I be concerned? What can I do? Is an average temp in the 60's too cool to grow? Any advice would be appreciated. BTW it's been down in the teens here for a few days! Brrrrrr!
Thanks all
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Oct 5, 2006
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Yes, you can run a 400 with no cooling at temps like that. I would still ventilate the closet though, even if it does seem cold. Mid 60's are okay, may just slow things a little.

Good Luck


Jun 2, 2006
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yea. you wont have the best growth- although you can purchase your seeds accordingly. get something bread for northern temps. ('alaskan thunderfuk' comes to mind)

i would most definetely insulate it. what will slow your plants down more than temps are huge fluctuations in temps. no matter the troubles- you want everything to be as consistant as possible.

so i would say insulation is a must. and then just have a squirell fan on 6-10 hours a day to displace the air- and save all the heat from your light.

the foam board works good. or also some good ole pink insulation from home depot- just double stick tape- and some insulation. stick it right to your walls and put the mylar right over it.

good luck though

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