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Feb 21, 2007
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Alright well I didn't have enough room for all the plants in my veg cab. And I also wanted to do some outdoor growing also. I've had my plants on an 18/6 light schedual from seed. Today I planted some of them outdoors. The ones I put outdoors have been under the lights for about 3 1/2 weeks. I was wondering how this would affect them. I hope they aren't shocked into flowering and then have to revert back to vegging. This will more than likely happen though wont it?

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It's hard to say what your plants will do, PewPew. Plants should be acclimated prior to putting them outside full time.

Most gardeners call it "Hardening" a plant. Start with short times out, and then over a period of a few weeks, lengthen the time out until the plants adjust. This will keep them from reacting.

However, if you've already put them out full time, you'll have to see what happens.

Good luck!


Feb 27, 2007
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It is still early in the season so they will probably flower and revert. It happens to me every year. The days are still a little short, at least here in ca. I have to plant outside around july to have then not flower too soon. They will still grow huge and give you a nice yield. I put a small clone of silver haze in may last year and got over a pound in oct.

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Apr 15, 2007
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I've had my plants outside as soon as spring came along, an none of mine are flowering. But i'm on tha east coast so i dont know. But I start all mine inside an let them get pretty big before putting them outside. Only difference is that I use tha sunlight, and take them in every night. But I think There be alright if ya put them outside.

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Aug 31, 2006
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ive got plants outside that have been out for a while...a few males i been collecting pollen from, i had them inside and set them out and they started to flower, theyve beeen in flower for a while and the groth tips are showing signs of revert back to veg, in a few weeks it will be back to vegging so growth for now will be slower than usuall but as soon as its back to loonger days then they will be booming in no time.

no negative effect will happen other than slowed growth but the sun if there getting lotsa light is better than any HID indoors therefore if u have a good spot they will do better anyway ;)

hope that helped :ccc:

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