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Sep 1, 2006
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alright so i have my 5 babies about 2 weeks old and looking very nice, but 1 problem.....there all in the same pot......some so close that the leaves all already touching......whats the safest way to seperate them into dif pots? thx and peace all


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Oct 22, 2005
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and as far as your problem...uhhh....good luck with that...i really can't offer any tips ...except next time...SEPARATE pots ;)


There is no safe way to seperate plants in the same pot. The only thing you can do is try and see what happens.

Stoney Bud

You can separate the root mass of plants that have grown together by using a variation of another method of cloning.

The method is called "Division Cloning". It's mostly used for dividing large plants into two or more plants but can also be used when you have several plants that have grown in one pot, you can separate them by first taking them from the pot when the dirt is almost completely dry and gently rinsing the root ball as strait as possible with no dirt left in it. A gentle stream of water will do this.

Then, using a pointed object like a knife tip, gently move the roots into two masses while running water over them. This will help retain some linear alignment of the roots to the host plants. When you've separated them as much as possible, using a new razor blade, cut the entire root system in half trying to keep as much root mass intact from each plant. Dip each half in a rooting hormone gel and place it into it's new home. Sift dirt into the hole and sprinkle water into it to settle the dirt.

At NO TIME should you ever compact the soil with anything other than some sprinkled water. To do so will tear the roots and possibly kill the plant.

Make sure the roots are planted deep enough so that when the dirt is washed into place, it will support the plant weight.

Keep the dirt lightly moist and the plant should root within a week or so.

This method is difficult to do, but if you are extremely gentle, your success rate should be in the 80% range. Even in a lab environment, some plants are lost. If you have no other choice, this can be used to separate plants that have grown together within the root mass.

Good luck to you man.

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