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Is this bud rot?


Sep 13, 2020
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I want to pass on what I have learned too being my second year. Humidity at 65% and up with a temperature between 75 and 85 is a molds best friend. I grow out doors as well (TASTES SO MUCH BETTER) and if you can not control the climate and there is no air circulation, put fans blowing air on the plant. That will help a lot in the combat against mold. I carry a spray bottle with some granola fungicide. If I find a spot, I gently soak the spot to kill the mold and spores then I cut it out and put the clippings in a zip lock bag then soak that spot down again to make sure. I do it that way to try and control the spores from drifting to another plant. Also if a leaf is damaged or dying, sack it. When the buds get thicker I look for small dying leaves in the buds. I have found mold in almost every spot I have found in the past and pay more attention to it now. Plants also like to listen to "Tiptoe in the Tulips" song as well on EVH favorite setting 11. There is a $%^& ton of soil, nutrients, how-to's and it can be soooooooo confusing. Someone above stated some companies have their usage chart and this year I went went with this company 1/2 way through this season because of subpar or slow growing results and my plants changed literally overnight and I have yet to find a yellowing leaf and the re-growth from trimming is crazy. My plants are happy, buds are much bigger and denser than last year. Here is my non-endorsed list lol This is not a cure all. You have to still monitor PH, Nitrate, Phosphorus, and K or Potash and of course water. I get I don't have the experience and not a lot seat time but I am a results guy and the proof is in my plants.
Thanks Gerald!
Much appreciated.

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