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Dec 6, 2018
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did not know what it was so I looked it up
Yeah, that sucker was sooooooo painful! They heat that wire to 180 degrees, it feels like fire inside your spine. Very uncomfortable!

remove the s at the end of the http so it says and you should have no problem getting in.
Doesn't that create an unsecured website? I seriously thought websites with https are secure? Am I way off?

Look out, Grammy. I'm headin' yer way.
I'm lookin'! Maybe give me a better estimate, my family is wondering why I'm out at the street all the time! Lol
few years back
Was that sometime in the 80's?! Looks like something I wanted back then! Really cool, @h
@ MG. Sorry brother. Sad to read your post. Many on here are facing the same challenges and ultimately all here will cross that path. Simple fact, when you get older things are taken away from you. Takes me a couple of hours to get this old body moving. Boo, just posted something very similar to yours. It is my hope that you still come here and post as much as you can. In fact, as the winter of my life closes in on me I think places like this will become more important to me. Keep a good attitude and continue to post as much as you can. I enjoy reading your posts.
Wow, what beautiful words and my sentiments exactly. @MG, I also hope you spend a much time here as possible and want to get to know you, I have only seen a few of your beautiful cannabis pictures and I really want to learn from you. I'm about to start my first grow from start to finish in as an RV in the winter. I'm bound to need some advice and face some strange challenges. I'm really hoping to get collective help here, it's the best, and I really love what I've seen so far of your cultivator skills!


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Aug 25, 2014
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Good morning, fellow freaks. Grammy, where ya been? Thought maybe a wendigo had gotcha.
I was out in NM in the early 90's. That high plains painted desert is beautiful when the sun sets. Two days there and quit taking the asthma meds. Three days there and my rings fell off my fingers. Couldn't believe that the area was so nice for arthritis sufferers. Got all the way up to Shitcago before they'd fit again.

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