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Dec 6, 2018
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am just sharing my experience with my chickens in general and roosters and anger specifically
It sounds like i need to work on my patience now while they are still small. Thank you, I will try to keep your perspective when mine get crazy.

They only made it through the first cull, because they were runts and we couldn't tell that they weren't pullets. Not the best gene pool for future generations and I prefer my eggs unfertilized.
Wow, I do have a lot to learn, lol

Why do you prefer unfertilized eggs?
truly believe one can help train chickens to be more friendly , even roosters , I’ve seen it with my own eyes
That's our hope. We also have a couple of dogs that we want to be able to hang out with the chickens, so we are sitting with chickens in our laps with the 2 dogs. There's some chickens that definitely have attitude! This one, the littlest actually, started pecking my dog in the nose, repeatedly. The dog just licked the chicken and it stopped, lol.

beard was shorter...
And hair! Very nice looking man.


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Sep 22, 2020
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Howdy Misfits
what a day seems like since I retired roughly 4 months ago , I seldom get the chance to just do nothing.
I am almost ready to go back to work . So I have some Cuvee from a 2019 grow i guess it stored ok
if you have never tried it its mostly indica with kind of a chocolate taste .
Cheers !


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Sep 18, 2020
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Rip City
QUOTE="Cannagrammy, post: 1100624, member: 57448"]Why do you prefer unfertilized eggs?[/QUOTE]

They don’t have an embryo in them.

yeah we were raised like Greywolf , chickens were food and I watched my parents chop the head off many a bird as a kid growing up and I didn’t think twice about it as a kid

as an adult , I have come to respect life , all life , in every form , and as an elderly human , I’ll be 70 soon , I am still learning about life
We did raise chickens for eggs and food, but we were friends with all of the hens and the roosters as well, until the roosters grew problematic.

Same with the calves and pigs, which we gave names to and then killed and ate, instead of shopping for meat at the market.

I respect all life as well but am still an omnivore and have a good understanding of where meat comes from. I also learned to stop naming and get less attached to the animals scheduled for slaughter, than our beloved milk cow and horses.

So you never got to see a chicken without it's head flying around
I wrung the chicken’s necks, instead of chopping off their heads, and if you do it right, the head stays on and keeps the blood from going everywhere as the chicken flops around.

60F @ 62% RH, gaugus, and predicted to reach 88F today.
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Jul 20, 2020
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On a mail train
Good morning folks....another day in Paradise

time for a toke and some coffee , Guatemalan coffee and Jalalabad Star , plenty for everyone

Muggles , enjoy the fall weather.....we usually go from 98 to 28 in one day so we don’t usually get any fall

off to the Salt Mines!

say , has Staind been around lately?

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