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Sep 18, 2020
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Rip City
What did the moron attack you for brother?
He posted negative untruths about me on a forum in response to someone saying good things about me. My SPR partner pissed him off with an article he posted on SPR about 2013 and because the articles didn’t list the author, he decided it was me and continues to attack me and the other original Skunk Pharmers on line with lies and **.

Nothing he says is true, but it doesn’t keep him from shouting it loudly and belligerently. On the other hand, he truly is a village idiot and easy to verbally outmaneuver, so I believe he’s suffered the worst of the encounters, if that is possible sparring on social media.

I’m hoping those paying attention to the exchange will learn to avoid doing business with him and his company, less they suffer the same.

Cold here too, but with the freezing level at 500 ft and snow on the ground at those altitudes. 34F @ 61% RH, mostly clear, and predicted to reach 53F here at 98 feet elevation, with a warming trend predicted.

More playing on Auto Cad and posting articles. I received and posted a good one from Ivan at Ichibansan, detailing his Closed Wash Decarb technique. 10.1.3 Closed Wash Decarb by Ichiban Crafter


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Aug 25, 2014
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I wussed out a few years back and bought a Jeep and stuck a snowplow on the front along with a remote starter that has a quarter mile range. I leave the defroster on and the fan a notch down from high and let her run for 20 minutes. Nice and toasty by the time I drag my butt outta bed.
I ain't bothered to put it on yet. Figure I've got at least a month before I'll need it.

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