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John Lennon


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Apr 13, 2006
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I've always been a fan of the beatles. More specifically, been a fan of Lennon.

I've always loved music. I've felt it was a snap shot of the human conciousness and at time the instruments themselves, could better reflect human emotion more than words ever could. THE LENNON SHOWED ME THE LIGHT.

One of my favorite CD's is my Lennon's Greatest Hits cd. Instant Karma, Imagina, Working Class Hero, Give Peace a Chance, all impact me emotionally. The other night I was high as a kite, popped in my lennon CD, and it almost brough a tear to my eye. He may not be the elaborate and poetic lyrically, but he's uncontested when it comes to relating to the hopes and dreams of the common man. I can't help but feel empored and inspired when I listen to Instant Karma. I can't help but feel humbled when I listen to Working Class Hero.

I'm just waiting for the day when someone running for president of the USA has a Lennon song playing at the inaguration or at an event.

I mean, all we are saying, is give peace a chance.


Feb 23, 2005
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was living in nyc at the time john was killed ,,many people gathered at a place in central park ,now known as strawberry fields,(also out side the dekoda ,johns apt.) all feeling what a waste ,a man of peace and love shoot and killed on his front door steps in front of his wife .was not realy a beatles fan but did feel real sorry ,his music did make you think about hope love and fairnesss ,,,we all lost that day ,,imagaine all the people living life in peace,RASTA

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