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Sep 27, 2006
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Hey gang,
Been growin bubblicious in hydroton for 4.5 weeks now. Had my babies on 24/0 flouro for about 3 weeks and they grew really slow, everytime i tried to give them 1/4 strength GH flora nutes, I would see signs of a lockout....so i would flush, drain....yada yada yada, they've been fine since about the end of week 2 now. I started giving them 1/4 strength GH flora nutes last week and they showed a little sign of adversity, but then my growth just took off!!!(ive read that part of it could be due to bubblicious being known to be a slow starter)....anyway, My babies are about 6-7" tall now, under 18/6 HPS light @ approx 78 degrees with an ebb and flood of 1 on 1 off. When can i step it up to the nute level recommended for veg? common sense would tell me that it would need to be done incrementally according to the mixture on the bottle, but Im just wondering, since they are really starting to develop fast, could I pump up the nutes to the veg level and see good results? How long should I leave them @ 18/6 light before going to 12/12? I was thinking maybe another 4 weeks of 18/6.


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Jul 17, 2006
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The second I have roots coming out the bottom of my big rockwool cubes.. the next flush/res refill I put them at full strength.. or 2nd week of veg... which ever comes first... sometimes a lil nute burn may show... but I've never had it to a point where any leaves died and fell off.... if you are on your 5th week they should be able to take full strength nutes. You can leave those plants vegging as long as you want... just remember when u make them flower the plants will double to triple in size... so leave enough room for your lights.
Another 4 weeks of vegging should put AT LEAST another foot of height on them... probably more.

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