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Apr 7, 2020
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I've done this all wrong journal wise, its day 35 already and everything has happened. From what started out as just planting a seed from my smoke has turned into an obsession.
Anyway here's the first pic from 25th April

Two days later and I've got it in a special 420 mix from a local supplier. Coco and perlite and other good things. He says its good through till harvest, no need to feed. We'll see.

May 10th and my baby is 2 weeks old. Well pleased with the progressunder a 100w led at 6 inches PAR around 800.

May 14th and looking good at 19 days old. Almost ready for Tony's big idea..

And here we are today! She's been over on her side for about 10 days now and I have at least 10 bud sights. I will put her into flower in a couple of days and let the top of the plant go for the lamp.
It might be a long wait..this is a Thai/Laos native landrace Sativa. They grow them all year round seed to harvest in 6 months so I might be looking at 13 weeks flower.
I just hope its a girl...