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Just sharring my happiness..


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Feb 16, 2006
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I'm posting thing because i bet there are others on this board who can relate to what i mean..

For a while all i had been getting was really high mids. Dark green but not very compact and at times, stems bud ration was ****. The high hit the spot(most the time) and it didn't have too too many beans. Apparently people enjoyed it more than i did. Friends even told me about how much they liked it. Best of all, at 150 a zip, you can't go wrong.

The day before last came and went. I had nada. My guy needed to take a trip out of state and for one reason or another he didn't. So i was feeling generous and had some money to throwdown. I went for the highest grade of outdoors available. I am SOO happy that i now have something really worth having. It's nice to upgrade and treat myself as well as the others.

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