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Keep Growing or Quit and become more politcaly active?


Cooler Than Your Dad
May 18, 2006
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O.K. Fokes, Here's the Question. I REALLY like growing our babys, I find it rewarding on so many levels. :D On the other hand, I feel I should trying to do more to Help The Cause. Truely, the Outlawing of this Wonderful plant, for so long, has got to stop. I talk to everyone I meet, with descresion, about how this simple plant has Saved my Life on several occasions. { Pulling me out of deep depresions, Helping me with anger managament,Helping me to get off of OTHER, Harder Drugs and staying off with-out going to rehab or N.A.,} But thats not getting Cannabis legal. Now, NOBODY who's EVER met me would describe me as " low-key,Soft-spoken, tends to keep his problems to himself,ect.,ect.".. I am NOT one who chooses " To go Quietly into the night", but rather to " Rage aganst the Comming of the Light." I know that the fight has been long, I know we still have alot of work to do , but in my HEART, I know this plant Should be legal. NORML,MPP,ASA, So many more groups, all of us,WORLDWIDE and still..... I know the Final desision is mine, but I would like to hear from YOU, My on-line Frends, is legalizing a hopeless cause? Should I keep hideing and growing and Quiet? Or, Should I pack it all up? Not forever{ well maybe,} only until herb is legal. 'Cause you all know, as soon as I start talking to THE PUBLIC { i.e. OTHERS outside of US} Local, Federal,State, and possibily even international forces will start looking at me, and kids, all they are going to see is a big old target to start focusing on, and do I realy want that? Well, how about some feed-back? Talk to you all later, CaptainViper


Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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My Opinion:

I think that WE as cultivators help the cause. Yes, we are in the closet "litterally" hehehehe. but We choose to say no to the street. but we can't fight the battle like just smokers. Even after its legalized who will teach the new growers then? On these forums...there are tons of posts. Parents, legal aids, been on a forum where an admitted LEO posts to support our cause. I think we are needed. I think we can subtly inform the "public" without revealing too much. Thanks to LdyLunatic and her wonderful posts of news. That is a great conversation peice. I talk to very conservative people and still bring up the medical issues. It makes a great conversation and each person we "show" the truth is one more person on our side when it comes time to hit the ballots. I think that is the way we will win. One person at a time.
Anonomous donations is what I do. Money order made out to the organization. No trace back to me, but money is what those organizations need to win against such a giant foe as the Govt.
I don't think you have to be leading the battle to help win. Just help IMHO.

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