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Hello all, i'm trying to make the switch to cloning and moms.

I have 6 female clones, which are about 3 weeks old, 1.5 weeks were for getting them to root and the other 1.5 weeks were vegging under a 400w mh.

I want to flower 4 clones and keep the other 2 as moms.

So should they be put into normal veg for another 5 weeks then clones taken from them?

Are they then chopped and future moms grown from their clones?

Any info or links would be appreciated


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Apr 19, 2006
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Good day to you AD1

You have the right idea exactly.
I always go over-board when it comes to taking cuttings.
Say 10 of each strain.
then, I select the two best cuttings of a strain to use as mothers next time round.
I then flower off the cuttings chosen on 12/12 (HPS), but the mothers are kept on 24/7 (FLUORESENT).
You can keep mothers indefinatly, as long as they are fed with growth Nutes every now and then, and you keep them to a reasonable size, and don't let them become root-bound.
Unfortunately, only trial-and-error will tell you if and when to start the cutting process, so you can get big enough plants ready to tie-in with the end of a crop (quick turn around of approx 2 months flowering - instead of 1 month of growing (waiting for VEG) then 2 months of Flowering).
I normally take cuttings when the current Flowering Plants pass PHASE 1, so by the time the crop is finished, I have 12-16cm plants ready to go straight into the Flowering Chamber.

I hope this helps........I know what it was like when I firsted started
But above all..... don't be afraid to experiment.......

Good Luck

The Skinmaster


Hi skinmaster,

Thanks for the info, K+

How important is it to have 24/0? I normally veg 18/6

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