L cheap o light fixture do it your self

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Oct 8, 2006
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hey guy i brought this 175 watt mh sec light fixture but i didn't like the fixture so i made my own out of cardborad and tape also foil. i know what yall say about foil i have not seen any prob's of the foil yet, but anway i have to say that this l cheap fixture is not very safe but if you do it right won't wont have to waorry about it. ok the first thing i did was took apart the old light fixture and marked all wires so iknow where that came from most are colored. then i took apart a computer power box. i left the fan in so i could wire it to a 12v adapter later. i took the ballst from the mh ans put into the computer power box and screwed it down, then i took a 12ft ext cord an striped both ends. i then connect the ballst to the wires [120v black wire] and {com /white wire]i used some screw on wire connecter's you see them in the pic there the yellow ones. whent to www.homeharvest.com and looked up mh light fixtures so i could get a feel on how to build the fixture i like the sunbrust fixture from hydrofarm so made some cutouts from cardboard of the fixture and started to put it toghter. i used the back of the old light fixture as top of the fixture so i wouldn't have to worry about the cardboard being near the light. i used the reflector that came with the old fixture i lined the box with foil and i made so the fixture had i u shape on the in side of the box.i hook up a comuter fan to the fixture for the heat. adn thats it i now have a remote ballst and i pretty good l cheap o fixture i have been runing this fixture on a 12/12 and i have no probl's so far. i a spend was 10.00$ for the foil,wiring caps and duct tape.:bong: ps put this on here so the newbie looking for good fixture can have some options. The L cheap' O FOR NEWBIES

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