Laying out gavitas 600se lamps


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May 11, 2022
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Beyond the thunderdome
I just switched my 1000w to 600w fixtures. Also I am going to change the layout a bit. I have a 7.7 ft ceiling height. The section of room is 13'wide x 18'long. I'm going to lay 2 rows of (3) 2 ft by 8 ft drain tables across the width. Ive gathered it's better to light the entire space with these fixtures as opposed to trying to direct the light right over the rows. I know I could use 8-10 fixtures but am at a loss as to how to space them across the 13'x18' area. I feel this is very simple for most of us to figure out. Unfortunately I am not in that group and it is NOT for lack of trying! I read the space allowed for each fixture is 3.6'x 6'. The distance from wall to fixture less than half of the distance between them. Can anyone help me with a simple way to look at this so I know where to hang each light? Thanks immensely for any input!

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