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Apr 29, 2012
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First timer grower.
So lets cut it to the chase.I'll be doing guerilla this year and hopefully make it to the chop.For starters I put 2xfem. Bubble gums and 2xreg. White Widows on the spot.The WWs are only ponics and they're more like a test to see how can they comprehend nature and is it able to transplant more like them or will I need to wait few weaks to tough em up.The BGs are about 2 and 3 weeks old.They are loving the new home for now.It has been 1 week since the transplantation.

The soil I think is nice.There were LOTS of nettle in it (sign for rich soil ) and some other not so important plants but all for the litle time they had to grow (winter was pretty long this year) were about 1m tall(3-4 foot).So i didn't pre-fertilize the soil.The only other soil i put was the same that i used for the plants when I vegged them indoor so it wouldn't be too stressfull for them to adjust to the new environment.This soil was bought from gardening store sayd to be "universal" for seed,clones,etc.It had peat moss in it so i just mixed it with vermiculite.

There is a veeery small stream that drys up in hot summers but no worrys there are lots of underground rivers there and this stream is just ?upground?(don't know the right word) manifestation of them.

Well here is the tricky part.This guerilla is in the woods so trees are just EDIT with the ground level plants.There is clear direct sunlight for 4-5max hour (from morning till the begging of the afternoon) and then the sun gets over the trees and light becomes, how do u say it.. colorful?There are times there isn't any light and times lith glims of it and in the late afternoon the plants get some good sunlight but not as much as i wanted.But some expanding will be done for the other plants to get the very best from this place at the cost of some of the stealth...

Well for now it is 95% stealthed from human.To reach it u have to go thru some very strong vegetation and even then u dont want to stay near it because there is a wall of nettle all around it and it looks like a good place for reptiles to do the EDIT reptiles do. The nettle wall protects it from bypassers atention and it will blind very nicely with the MJ plants.Forget to say that there is something like a path near the guerilla but it's unpleasant to use and by the looks of it not very useable.Like i sayd there is going to be some replacing the nettle wall with MJs because that spot gets longer direct sunlight.Hope this dosen't backfire..

My babys:


this one is a bit retarded but still there is love for it

My fem. precious couldn't get a focus pic on the pistils ..... not so good with high tech stuff.






So this is the starting batch.Waiting for some seeds to be delivered got a few other places marked and ready to go.I'll upload any delevolpment in here and maybe post about the other stuff going on.

Gratitude for any advise and hopefuly this will be as exciting to U as it is to me.

PS: sorry about grammar andstuff like that :)



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Feb 20, 2012
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Interestin pilgrem be settin stump yur fireside watch how yur travels take. Welcome to MP.



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Dec 1, 2007
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yeah welcome to the site...hope ya have a good season...

take care and be safe

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