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May 29, 2011
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Hi everyone. I have an idea about a Marijuana card libary (not sure if its been done or passed on so here goes.) I have all but 2 cards for the entire collection of the Inline Hemp Trading cards and have had them scanned and sitting in my PC for a year now. Listed is the first 10 cards from the first set so click the name and the card scan will come up.

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As you can see each scan is of the front and back of the cards and thats I how I have done the entire collection I have. The only difference too would be the sites name somewhere on the card to prevent people from making fake copies.

Let me know what you mods and members think. :hubba:

EDIT: Just found this I'll add in,

Officially Licensed In-Line Trading Cards Products

In-Line Trading Cards, The Marijuana Stories

California Attorney General Dan Lungren didn't want sports trading cards on a shelf next to Cannabis Indica and Bowl 0' Buds.

In fact, the state's top cop and 20 other leading law enforcement officials nationwide didn't want any marijuana trading cards sold by a Bay Area company on store shelves.

Lungren sent In-Line Classic Trading Cards, which had sold about 15 million marijuana trading cards since 1995, a letter demanding the company "act responsibly."

"Cease production" because the cards cite "pro-marijuana dogma in a medium directed at children," Lungren told card producer Kingsley Barnham. Lungren accused the company of using a "slick, full color card to glamorize marijuana" and called it an overtly cynical attempt to promote marijuana use to children while turning a profit for yourself."

The company advertised on a Web site and listed 44 outlets across California where the cards were available. It claimed to have sold 15 million Inline Hemp Cards since 1995, when the cards first were marketed.

The text on one of the trading cards reads: "We hope we haven't made Lungren mad. That could be dangerous in California."

Inline Trading Cards manufactured trading cards celebrating everything from motorcycles to tattoos. The hemp cards are similar to traditional trading cards except for the photo of a marijuana plant on the front and text about hemp history and pot politics on the back.


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Dec 1, 2007
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need to kill the live link my friend...

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