May Bud Of The Month Contest

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Tie breaker for May Bud of The Month

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Nov 7, 2008
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May 2024 Bud Of The Month Contest has started. Yehaaaaaaaaaa

It's time to get those pictures entered. Please encourage your friends and new members to enter this month! This contest is ALWAYS more fun with more participants!

There are some rules:
1) One entry per user.
2) Please include the strain name with your entry.
3) The entry MUST be grown by you.
4) You ARE allowed to change your entry as many times as you'd like prior to the entry deadline. Please edit your original post as opposed to creating multiple entry posts.
5) Entries will be accepted until May 25, 2024.
6) Voting will begin May 26, 2024 and close on the last day of May 2024.
7) The winner of the contest will get bragging rights for the month following their victory, a gold bar recognizing their Bud of the Month Winner status, and a guaranteed entry into the 2024 Bud Picture of the Year contest that will take place at the end of the year.
8) You can enter a bud you have used before as long as it hasn't won before.

Keep it green brothers and sisters.💚
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Double Grape X Runtz
By IKE Breeders
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Sugar belts x nanaglue @Carty s collective crosses!!!! Beginning of week 6 so I will update before the end of month I say about two three weeks too go .had to update I like this shot


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This is Lemon Demon 🍋 😈 Feminized Photoperiod
Has very Dense large size colas along with great yields. Has phenomenal terp profile and flavor is of lemon lysol duster with kick of sweet pepper that has a sweet mouthwatering taste. Hybrid
Parents : Purple Lemon Cake x Diablo


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This is a cross of Sensi Star x Chem Valley Kush........nearly done. Very strong indica buzz, tastes like oranges or tangerines (citrus). This strain is only used in breeding and has never been released to the public. I secured them in the U.S. with help from a friend in Australia.

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