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Dec 28, 2006
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Just thought I'd share some pics.

Here is a little experiment that I did, well not really an experiment but more for curiosity sake. I started some clones in 2 1 gallon grow bags and 2 in 3 gallon black pots. Yeah I know the ones in the 3 gallon pots will have a bigger root system yada yada yada but I wanted to see just what the difference was.

Anyway of course the plants are smaller and the harvest will be smaller next week but it seems the trichs are outta hand. They had the same feeding regiment and same light cycle 12/12. I don't know if anyone remembers the post I had about mutating trich, these trichs were acting as yeast budding on top of each other, but it was from this plant.

Feeding formulation was per 1/2 gallon

5mill Advanced neutriants sensibloom a and b
1 1/2 tbs indonesian bat guano
1/2 tsp dried seaweed concentrate
1/2 gram Advanced neutriantscarbo booster
5 mil Advanced neutriants final phase
5 mil Advanced neutriants sensizyme
5 mil blast off
Mixeed all together and poured into pots untill a little ran outta the bottom approx every 3 days or so.

Now the room is 8x3x8 with a temp fluctuation of 15 degrees between the 12/12 (65-80ish)
Hymidity is pretty constat at 20%
Lighting is 1000watt hps
Cooling is an 8" exhaust off the top of the reflector.
Intake is from my small brewery, yeah I brew my own beer also and yes it is coming White Widow Ale, which inturn pulls a constant flow of co2 into the bottom of my grow room.

Sorry about the quality of the pics but I did my best under the circumstances








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