Memorial Day Weekend


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May 3, 2014
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Here's some ground rules for this weekend:

1. Don't wish me a Happy Memorial day. There is nothing happy about brave men and women dying.

2. It's not a holiday. It's a remembrance.

3. If you want to know the true meaning, visit Arlington or your local VA, not freaking Disneyland.

4. Don't tell me how great any one political power is. Tell me about Chesty Puller, George Patton, John Basilone, Dakota Meyer, Kyle Carpenter, Mitchell Paige, Ira Hayes, Chris Kyle and any other heroes too numerous to name. Attend a Bell Ceremony and shed some tears.

5. Don't tell me I don't know what I am talking about. I have carried the burden all too many times for my warriors who now stand their post for God.

6. Say a prayer... and then another.

7. Remember the Fallen for all the Good they did while they were here.

8. Reach out and let a Vet know you're there, we're losing too many in "peace".

Thank you for your consideration.

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