My 1st Grow attempt, stunted growth, What did I do wrong?


Apr 6, 2008
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Hi there, thank you for taking a look, I beg of you to be patient because I'm about to explain everything, hopefully you can help me figure out what I am doing wrong so I can have a smoother 2nd grow. 1st I'll describe my setup and mistakes I think I made, then I'll propose what the potential problems could be.
This is my very first grow and I am sure the growth has been stunted from 1 or more reasons. I will attach pictures as well.
Strain: 4 seeds, Ambrosia "Jordan of islands" or whatever, (bought in Canada/given to me, not my first choice but they were free :hubba:)
Light: Germinated w/ paper towel, 75w Fluoro for first 2 weeks. (2.5-3" tall, good looking leaves). Changed over to new 400w HPS w/ a built in ballast. Put the height at 18" overnight w/ out a fan (big mistake) 2 seedlings died because I misted so much day before they fell over and bent their stem, didn't recover, two others were ok. SCHEDULE: 24/0 first 2 wks, 20/4 past 3.5 wks, 18/6 past 4 days.
**Currently in week 6 of veg stage and a whopping 6 inches. :(
Soil: Schultz African Violet potting soil Plus, even after a ton of research I was swayed into buying this 9 month time release soil because it had everything I was looking for, (perlite, sphagnum moss, composed materials, and for flowering plants it said!, seemed I hit the jackpot):ignore:
Environment/Closet: Terrible location but it is all I have. I have a walk in closet, which i tuck my plants (now plant) behind a dresser. Mylar covers 3 sides and a fan blows under and accross my 400w HPS. there is very poor ventilation because I can't do anything to wall/door. I leave for approx 5 hrs tues and 4 on thurs the heat builds up from 79-89 to 95-107. Humidity drops from 47-58% down to about 30-38% I mist average 1 time a day, ussually when i get back and they are hot.
**1 plant left
Containers: for the past 6 weeks of seedling/veg. stage they have been in 6" pots. it is now six inches and I transplanted it into a 12 inch 17 qt. pot. I noticed the roots on the bottom and they made markings on bottom of pot. Nothing like a root ball but a few hairy roots on bottom and sides. Because I decided to rip out the other teeny plant and I didn't want to replant my good one again to fit better in the center, it sits with the stem 4" from the side of the pot. Stupid to put them both in the same and then just remove one but I figured all hope was lost. Will being close to the side hurt the growth?
New Soil: In the new pot I added MG "Organic Choice potting mix", it is totally natural and completely unlike the original soil. I assume this is bad
Food: after the transplant last night, tonight I added more soil to fill up the pot and I gave it a drink of Schultz's 10-15-10 plant food plus. dose says 7 drops/1qt. water, I did, 2 drops/24oz. of water. We'll see how it looks tomorrow. I also moved it a bit out of direct light.

What I think could be the PROBLEMS:
This is what my research tells me what could be wrong, let me know what you think. Take a look at pics to see the yellowing/curled under and 1 set of hanging leaves.
1. Soil, time released is not the answer
2. pH looked to be 7ish when I started, maybe slightly higher
3. Nitrogen deficiency from root lock out caused by a pH?
4. Head stress, this is definitely a major reason I think
5. over ferted from time release
6. 6" plant in about 4-4.75" of soil (root bound maybe)
7. Poor soil breathing (3 holes, should I have removed the water collector to add 3 more holes?)

Thats everything I'm pretty sure. If you read all that I really do appreciate it and would LOVE some feedback. :banana:

Finally posted some pics, week 5 of veg. Any chance for a female ya think?


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Feb 28, 2008
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I have a 1.5 month old that is still only a few inches tall, but the other 2 from same strain are huge... Not sure why!


Yo Ho,
OK, I'll stick in my two cents.
1. From the get, Genetics plays a major role in what you get. Then you are the factor that is the controller.
2. I germ between two paper(bleach free + no color) towels, germing in soil works just as well, but I prefer more control.
3. I placed the germed beans into a sterile peat plug, and raised them till three inches tall, Then without taking them out of the peat plug I put them into the final home straight away.
4. I used MG moisture control potting soil, and ended up with gnats, but a life saver suggested some Diatomacious Earth, and a light dusting was perfect.
5. Then I never added ferts untill I put them into flower.
6. Vegging time was 24/7 as they do not need to sleep, untill flower time, once in flower mode I did my lighting 12/12.
7. I used, and am still using Distilled water.
8. For doing my watering I wait untill I see the lower leaves start to droop a tad, then I give a decent soak.
9. Now ferting with a good 5-20-5 and swap with liquid fish emultion, always a good water inbetween applications of ferts, just for the rinsing out as the pre-ferts are spent now.
10. I keep my temps between 74*- 78* degrees, with dark cycle temps of 68*- 74* degrees.
11. Remember that they are a weed and can take a lot of abuse within reason, but for healthy girls DO your homework, and allow yourself to be sorta a bit of a fanatic with them. Everything you put towards their care will pay you back in the end.

smoke in peace

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