My first indoor grow, so far so good!


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Oct 5, 2006
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Finally got my cabinet and everything together and have started my first indoor grow. I have to say I am really excited!
Using a K-Mart cabinet that I painted white, have fans for sucking the hot air out, and bought a swithcable HPS-MH light system. Haven't hooked up the lights yet, so I'm using cfl's to get me started for the first couple weeks. Soil is my medium of choice due to living with a power system that likes to cut out often in the winter.

I used the paper towel technique to sprout my seeds from Doc Chronic and am glad to say that I am 10 for 10! Sprouted 5 Super Skunk and 5 Northern Lights and hope to have 3 of each to reach maturity. It took some of them only 24 hrs to sprout, and they all had a root extended within 3 days. Planted them in potting mix (Super Soil) a couple days ago in small 2" pots and stuck them in the cab under my cfl lights. Today, just two days later i was psyched to see when I checked on them this morning that all ten have poked out of the soil! Yahoo!

My temps are staying right around 70 degrees and rh about 35%. I'll have time this weekend to work on the cab some more, hooking up the lights and hangers, lightproofing around the edges...

I'm having fun so far and will keep folks posted. A big THANKS to this forum, without all of you and the great information and support you provided, I wouldn't have come this far.

Best wishes,
The llama

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