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Myth? Ask Me In 5 Months


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May 26, 2005
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I have a theroy.
Most people believe that light has to shine directly on buds to make them bigger/more potent.
I don't believe that's true.
Blocking a bud from direct light I think would only very very marginally affect bud size/growth, due to the fact that not quite as much light is shining on the plant in total.
I believe that the energy collected by the plant is distributed evenly through the plant.

This (what I believe is a) misconception is probably due to the fact that the higher on the plant a branch is, the more bud in size & potency.
The lower branches produce smaller less potent buds.
So at first glance it may seem that the upper branches grow more bud because the branches get more sun, and the lower buds are smaller because they are partially shaded by the upper branches.
But I believe that it's just the nature of the plant that is the cause.

But I'm not gonna take my word for it. In Sept I'm gonna experiment. I'm going to choose several budsites as identical as I can.
For a few I'm going to shade a bud from direct sunlight with a paper clip/shade leaf, or maybe a little "tent". The other few I'll leave alone, as control buds.
And then once they're dried & cured we'll just see about that.
I'll get back to ya.


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Jun 13, 2006
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Well in my vast (one grow) experience!

I bent the lower branches out and the buds just exploded as soon as they were exposed to more light, became colas, smaller but tasty. can't do that this time too many in too small space!


Jul 6, 2006
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man that is some great experiment...............i really wish i could hear the results.....

brings me to my question....... .

i have some plants outdoors.... i need to block them from the overhead view.......... right now i have it set up with a bamboo screen lean-to that provides a bit of ''dappled lighting"...... how much light (dappled lilghting?) is needed to produce plants that will reach their full potential? or what about %75 of their full potential?

i would love to see a list....10 things you can throw over your plants........

with the way that the sun is where i live.... if the plants get more than 5 hours of this type of direct sun they wilt and start to cook........ ........



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Apr 19, 2005
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12,935 for "Shade tarps" or "shade cloth".