need advice....a few questions


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Aug 8, 2006
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1. has anyone grew the x line grapefruit x neville haze feminized seeds?

2. i currently am growing them and they are 6 inches already in 15 days and i have started feeding them 2ml of bio grow with 2 lt of water and they all seemed to snap it up quick so i thought to give them 2 lt more water(plain) but they don't seem to be drinking it up fast? how much lt of water are you suppose to give 7 plants at 6inch tall?

3. i gave them this growth hormine spray to try and bush them out a bit but i hope i haven't messed them up. i addded 5ml of nitrozme concentrate growth hormone with 1ml of wetting agent. i did this by follar application and it dried into the leaves fast. now has anyoe used this stuff and will it hurt my plants?

4. when can i force flowering on these plants and since they are female only seeds could forcing them cause hermoes at all? if so when should i start flowering? i want a new year smoke you see lol.

i really hope someone can help me with these questions.


i use a 600 watt hps light with a coolshade and a extractor fan. since it is not cold here my temps are 27/30 C but i am not too worried about that cuz the plants love it .


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Jul 18, 2006
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Barely too warm.. they'll be fine tho... can start flowering whenever you want to... remember, most plants almost double in size... so plan ahead so u have enough room under your lights.

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