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Apr 26, 2020
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Multi-Plant Grow Slabs by RedRock Block
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North American manufactured, multi-plant stonewool grow slabs for commercial and industrial growers now available at RedRock Block.
New Pro-Line Stonewool Grow Slab Features and Benefits:
  • Sourcing of clean raw materials in North America
  • Consistent quality, traceability, transparency via barcoding
  • Manufactured to strict ISO standards in North America
  • Innovative weave pattern inside the grow slabs
  • Excellent water retention & aeration properties
  • Precise plant nutrient retention properties
  • Perfect environment for root zone development
  • Natural pH and EC properties
  • Balanced air porosity to water holding capacity
  • Pre-cut holes for quick and efficient transplanting/blocking up processes.
  • Wholesale & Bulk Pricing Options Available.
Click here for more information about RedRock Block's commercial-grade stonewool grow slabs
RedRock Stonewool Grow Slab – 36 Inch x 6 Inch x 3 Inch | RedRock Block
About RedRock Block-
Commercial Grade Stonewool Grow Media- Grow Plugs and Cubes, Stonewool Starter Blocks, Stonewool Grow Blocks, Stonewool Grow Slabs, and Flowering Slabs. The commercial cultivator’s choice for high quality, locally sourced and manufactured stone wool grow media and propagation substrate fit for any grow operation!
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