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Oct 13, 2005
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About a 2 weeks ago I decided to plant my first plant in a small plant pot my brother in law gave me. I started to water it and the plant sprout fine and started to grow. The next day I saw a little sprout next to it, I was going to pull it thinking it was a weed but I left it and it turned out to be another little plant. After I saw that one I decided to give my full atention and ask some questions.
  • How much do I water them? -Right now i water them every other day.
  • The pot I have them in is made out of ceramic orange type, How should transplant them? How long should I wait to transplant?
  • They are about 1 inch 1/2 tall, can i start to tie the off with string to make the grow straight(cause they are right next to each other).
  • I have them on my window ledge inside my room were it gets sunlight all day and it stays warm(I live in Arizone), does that mean they are strickly indoor now or can I eventually move them outside.
  • The soil i'm using in the new pot is regular potting soil with perlite(I didn't know how much perlite to put in so I just guessed).


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May 25, 2005
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High and welcome.

Point by point:
-I have no idea what kind of soil you have, or how much you give them each time, or what your humidity is. You need to water as needed.
Pot roots like to dry out slowly between waterings.
-You transplant as needed. How tall you want to let them grow before inducing flowering determines the size of container you need. Most growers use between 2.5 gal.--5 gal containers.
-There are a few absolutes when growing pot. One is: 1 plant per container.
-Window sill growing is not for pot. Indoors you need artificial light @ the rate of 6,000 lumens per sq/ft.. Only fluorescents, MH or HPS (HPS is by far the best type) work.

I probably used terminology you're unfamiliar with. That's why you need to read a growbook or two. Throwing a seed in dirt is easy; growing a plant to full maturity with max. yield/return in the shortest time and lowest cost isn't.
There are lots of growbooks "out there". There are lots of free ones on-line; do a search. Anything by Ed Rosenthal is first-rate.

The More You Know The More You'll Grow.

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