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Mar 29, 2006
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First off I will tell you what I have. My growroom will be in a basement room. The measurements are 70x84x84 inches LxWxH. I will be using a switchable ballast that uses 1000w MH & HPS. I have a hydro planter that can hold 10 plants. I have well water and can't test it since I seem to have misplaced my testing chemicals(bud brain). The water does go through a purifing system first. Does anyone have experience with well water?
I'm also wondering what type of fan should I use. I have one of those roll-around portable A/C; & one of the A/C ducts run through the room. What dangers should I be aware of growing in a basement? I sprayed for bugs a month ago.
I am going to be growing WW. Can anyone give me any tips. The nutes that I have are Botanicare Pure Blend Pro and Dyna Grow/Bloom and Dark Energy. My system is the cheap-o kind. 10 holes for the baskets and water drips over the rocks. Any help would be appreciated. Also what is the best way to germinate my seeds. Should i put them in the rockwool and keep those misted?


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Jan 6, 2006
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Sounds great. Things to watch for in basement grows. WW are very suseptable to mold. You'll need to keep an eye on that carefully. You should be able to get your water tested at a local hydro store or something. I think even the local hardware store can do it if they offer well supplies.
The rockwool will work fine. or you can sprout em in a paper towel then put em in the rockwool. I think any less handling of the seed would be best.
You'll want a thermometer that will also give you Relative humidity measurements. Humidity will be a must to know in a basement. Also a PH tester will be a must.

You'll want a breeze going over your plants to help strengthen the stems. Depends on the fan and how you are circulating air.

I'm gonna move your thread over to the hydro section. That way the hydro guys can see your thread and help you out.

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