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brekky bongs
Jul 13, 2011
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high there ive been growing a plant its about 2 and half inches tall and has already started buding i have moved into another pot and its got about 6 little flowers on it and its pretty bushy , i have noticed it has 3 leaves instead of 7 so im getting the idea its duckfoot can someone ive me some advice on if its flowering this early my mate reckons it wont grow anymore anyways
gloriousdaze peace tok on

The Hemp Goddess

We need to know way more about this plant and your grow and pics would help a great deal. Where did you get the seed? How old is the plant? Are you growing inside (tell us about your space) or outside? Most mj plants only have 3 leaves when they are this small. I would be quite surprised if you had Duckfoot.

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