neem oil benifits rid yourself of pests


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Oct 21, 2006
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I am a long time orchid cultivator/ breeder, my best defense against pest aka knats mite ect. has been pure neem oil in a dillution of 1 tablespoon to 1 teaspoon of dish soap to one quart of water. i use this fine mist spray on a maintainence basis of 1 every 4-5 weeks. neem has never show any negetive side effects to my delicate plant and has eradicated many pests, you can also use the spray for emergency eradication of pests.
being fairly new to sensimilia growing, i can only imaging that it would have the same effects on these marajauna plants as well?
the beuty of neem is that not only will it kill insect pests it also disables there reproductive systems, which keeps there numbers down,also this stuff if all natural and you dont have to worry of dangerous pesticide handling, and inhaling and injesting.
i once read two apples were put into two jars, one apple with a popular chemical pesticide on it insects were placed in the jar.(forgot what type of insects. in the other jar an apple, neem oil and the same insects, in a few days the jar with the chem pesiside the bugs were dead and the apple was partialy eaten, in contrast the jar with the neem oil the bugs were dead but the apple was untouched.
these test results have been confirmed by me with my orchids, not marajuana yet. basically i love neem oil, and just wanted to let you all in.

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Sep 1, 2006
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alot of growers here including me use neem oil, for hard to get rid of mites espicially. works wonders for o/d gardens too.

thanks for the post- i have to agree :D

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