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New auto grow! Cream caramel and great white shark.


Apr 5, 2012
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I put this in general indoor growing at first and arent sure which its supposed to be in so im putting it in here as well i suppose. If this is against the rules i apologize im just not sure where this thread belongs. either or i suppose. But here we go, This is going to be my first grow alone, and I wanted to be on here for some advice or opinions and of course strain reports when done! I ordered seeds from worldwide marijuana seeds and received them in about a week. I ordered cream caramel auto, and great white shark auto. It also came with two free photoperiods that im going to plant after these are harvested. So I purchased the largest plastic container I could find, Usually people use it for storage in garages, sports items and such. I cut multiple slits on the bottom for drainage. My thoughts were, no transplanting, so less stress on the plant, and also The containers large size because I want the roots to have room to thrive. I filled it with 2 40 lb bags of an organic potting soil that I purchased at a local garden store. its "garden pro" potting soil. I wanted to get a soil thats low in nutes so it doesnt get over fed as a seedling. I also got "green light" super bloom for the nutes. Its the only one i purchased as I know autos skip vegging state so i wanted a flowering nute. the npk is 12-55-6 and it also has .10% iron. Im thinking of using it around 2-3 weeks into growth, and no fertilizer before than. I filled the tub with soil and watered it, then put both seeds about a half in under the soil. I have 4 40 watt fluro tubes im using for the whole grow. its a closet grow and the lumen output of all 4 is around 15,000, roughly for two autoflowers. Im keeping the lights on right now for warmth and just watered the soil a little bit again as it looked dry. Im still waiting for them to sprout, they were planted april 30th around 10 pm. any opinions or help or ideas are appreciated! pics up when they sprout!
Aug 22, 2006
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I am going to merge your 2 threads since they are the same. Do you want it in the Auto section or the Indoor section (or maybe the grow journal section)?


Jul 25, 2008
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:woohoo: I just cracked an auto (W.O.S. NLxBigBudAutofem freebie) two daze ago, bustin' my cherry on an mj first for me in 14 years...growin' a ruderalis...we'll see...:confused2:

I'm growing some Sweetseeds gear as we speak (Jack47) and got to admit they got their strain's dialed in for potency, yield, and taste...

a lil o the automagic greenest of 'greeneyes' mojo fer ya's...



p.s. Automatics DO go through a Veg state proper, it's just that there's no need for photo manipulation to induce flowering, the first four weeks of an auto's life is considered its "grow" cycle. If it's growing up and out with new leaves its "growing". It it's producing tips ("tipping up" as some ppl like to refer to it as...:rolleyes:) or budlettes, then it's transitioned from veg to bloom...ya dig? cool...

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