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Mar 12, 2022
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L.I N.Y.
This fking crap is why we try and keep politics off the open forum.
Now for a Christmas song. Snowflakes falling on an open fire. Wait,,that's chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Whoops,I got confused for a minute.🤪
Now what do you guys think about 4 way stop signs😁
How about this Christmas song?
" Immm dreaming of my wifes ...sister "


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May 12, 2014
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In Taipei, "ni hau a?" is the exact equivalent of what the French do when the beat you to the punch with "bonjour, Ça va?"

And if you picked that up, along with syesyse... you had it made anywhere in Taipai. I almost got adopted by a beaming mama when I was in the covered city and stopped to see this little bitty kid with two sticks with a string tied to them...

He was flipping and spinning and hourglass-shaped piece of wood with the string. Fargin Olympic material. I was fascinated, and took a coupla pictures of him. Turned to his widely smiling mama, and said, "Ni syau haide shr hen tsungming!"

The lady actually stepped back in wonder... to come rushing back all flushed. At that time, there were damn' few big hulking Miegwo Big Noses who could speak Mandarin. And none of them went to the covered city.

My camera had come to the end of the roll, but I could not tell her that as she got her daughter and "her little kid that was so clever" and herself all lined up proudly. So I took shot after shot of each of them and left, feeling very much the Ugly American.
One of my coworkers and I went to a bowling alley in Linkou one day. On the next lane was a father and his son. They kept looking over at us and watching our every move. I thought it was because we a) were horrible bowlers but b) were nearly throwing the balls like they were softballs(all the bowling balls were lighter than any I had ever seen). They left about 15 minutes before we were done. When we left, the man and his son were patiently waiting outside for us. The father walked up to us and, in pretty good English, started chatting with us about where we were from and why we were there. He waved his son over and he started chatting with us in broken English and his father pulled out his phone and started taking pictures and video of his son talking to us. Then he wanted us to pose for pictures with he and his boy. I think he thought we were like a couple of Sasquatches come to town. He was so happy with his scoring pictures of he and his son with ‘round eyes’ he asked if we would come meet his family at his home. Genuinely great people. Any time I would be standing somewhere with a map looking lost, people would walk up to me and ask if I needed help. You won’t see that in any big American city. Never felt unsafe from the residents at any time of day or night.


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Nov 4, 2021
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Virginia Beach
They had to trim mine down a bit so i could stand tripod and not sprain my ankles

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