New to SCROG and need a little help.


Nov 22, 2022
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Milwaukee, WI
I have a 2 X 2 Grow tent with two plants, and a 2 X 4 Tent with 3 plants. I've grown about 10 gardens or so now and have learned a lot. Even did one Hydro Grow, which I really didn't care for but the bud turned out well. I live in a state where it is still completely illegal, so I only have a small little private grow in a small bedroom. My question is, I'm starting my first attempt at SCROGING, and have a screen about 16" from the floor in both my tents. These 5 plants are all Acapulco Gold Fems. I topped them a couple inch's below the screen but the plants are just about entering the screen. When I topped the plants that turns one main stalk into two, DO I FEED BOTH THESEE MAIN STALKS THROUGH ONE SQUAR ON THE SCREEN, OR THROUGH SEPERATE SQUARS?


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Mar 11, 2023
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Northern Alberta Canada
I've done a bunch of ScroGs including DWC and don't weave thru the screen or the branches get trapped. I use short pieces of twist tie and loosely tie the grow tip to the screen. As it grows longer and starts standing up bend it down and tie it again. Once there are about 3 or 4 pieces I just take the back one off and move it to the front. Keep going until it hits the edge of the screen then let it grow out a few inches then bend it gently around and start it going in an empty direction.

Sometimes you might want to move a branch over to fill a space so just have to take a few ties off and reposition the branch.

When side branches grow out from the main branches they can be tied down too then once the screen is about 75% covered flip to flower and continue to tie down during the first couple weeks of stretch and you're done.

The colas will be smaller but there are so many more you can easily double the yield or better with a good ScroG.



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Aug 31, 2021
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From the Jungles of Illinois
I'm going to try it (I keep telling myself) on this current run. It will be on my thread. I only grow for my self like I said before... I still got some left from my last 4 or 5 harvests. My concern again is the extra veg time involved for someone like me. I'm envisioning 2 harvests this year and not 3. I guess we'll just have to see how long it takes to fill a screen to 3/4, and get a couple auto's snuck into the tomatoes and sweet corn.

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