New'ish UK grower trying new'ish equipment on the cheap.


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Aug 22, 2019
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Hello from the cool winds of South Devon UK (spitting distance from Mayflower Steps: if that means something to you. ;) - its 2020 soon!)

So had my first grow through the past summer and made soooo many mistakes, I'm surprised I had plants that even made it to harvest time.

But, soaked up all the knowledge, learned some of the lessons hard, some less so. And took heaps of tips, tricks and advice from others to allow me to continue my quest to be self sufficient for quality meds.

Had no budget and almost no knowledge when I dropped my first bean but confidence is a lot higher after making so many errors and coming out the other side.
(Notable fudge ups include: central stem snapped after 2 days into flower or wildly inaccurate ph monitoring or leaving lights on when they shouldnt be or getting mold or ....... endless...)

But with all mistakes there are lessons and am rounding out these sharp lessons to make a more fulfilling experience of my time growing and want to be able to reproduce from what I have but my existing cloning methods have not been great upto now.

So where are we...

Flower tent is 4ft sq and I have 350w (actual) of full spec LED in there as well as usual carbon filter/fans/meters etc etc

My 2nd crop is in middle of harvest with 3 in their last week of flower and 1 already cropped and in net drying.
We have;
1 Godberry
1 Krippleshock
1 Big Bud XXL
All doing extremly well with fat tops hoovering up the last of the fan leave's nutes making for some beautiful colouring and smells.
Am expecting all three to be ready in the next 7 days.
And a harvested (48h ago) purple/black deisel strain from an old unknown seed.
1st time round probs with environment, left its mother in a sorry mess so took a couple clones for verification. Turns out environment was cause, not genetics and aside the one I just cut (a perfect bonsai in 1 gal pot) I also have a 25l version which has been in flower nearly 2 weeks and has been heavily hst'd to leave it looking like an open rib cage and about 24 well spaced tops.

Additionally I have an Amnesia, which was my first successful clone, now all grown up and is in week 3 (of 12) in flower.

I have a second tent (2ft x 3ft )which is my veg space and have a mixed bag in there under a 200w full spec led:
A NL auto (about 5 weeks in)
A Royal Cookie (6 weeks in)
And the following clones all just transplanted from rooting pots in last week or so.
3 big bud xxl clones
1 Krippleshock clone
1 Godberry clone (older and up potted)
And 1 = ??: don't know cause i lost the stick!

And for my seeds and new clones i finished a budget fogponic box on Wednesday, which has cost £10 and worth loads more simply for peace of mind.

In the fogger i have:
1 x NLAuto seed
1 x Krippleshock seed
1 x Godberry clone
3 x Purp/Black Diesel (best guess!) clones
All sitting under two strip led units (t8) about 50w a peice.

Will get some back ground info on next post along with some decent pics but for now here is a couple i have handy.

The 'just cropped' bonsai Purp or Blk deisel which was about a ft across, and of course a mini of the one just gone into flower.

Fogger unit with a mix of seess & clones in it

Thanks for stopping by - will aim to update a couple times a week or when 'things' happen .

Any questions or feedback is always welcome.

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