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Jun 18, 2006
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Hi, i'm Flight175. I'm pleased to have found Marijuana Passion forums. It is nice to be able to dicuss Herb with people who have a desire for it as much as yourself. Let me tell you alittle more about myself.

I just graduated from high school. I love to smoke and enjoy life and feel good. :eek: I like the herb so much that i have started to grow my own.

The first time I grew herb was when I was a Sophomore in high school (I never really went to high school it was more like goint to school high :p .) So I grew about 3 plants in my back yard in little empty flower containers that my Mom left over from her gardening. I put them in the back yard. My mom is a livicated gardener and that is why it was pretty much second nature when planting and growing my plants. So I let them grow to about 3 inches or so, but then I was worried that they were going to grow too big and become discovered, so I destroyed them.

My other growing experience is happening right now. I just graduated from High School so now I have plenty of time to grow and think about how I can grow more and more Cannabis. I started to do another outdoor grow on what I think is probably someone elses property. The property seems pretty uninhabited except for this one family that goes over there in the evenings. I thought they were going to discover my plants, so InI went back and put my biggest plant in a pot, and took it home. My plant Is doing excellent. It is about 5 inches and almost has full leaves. I really hope its not a male. I can already smell it and it smells like Marijuana. I grow under flourescent fish tank light fixture, which is 2 large flourescent bulbs. Seem to be working well. I'll keep everyone updated on my baby. :D

The hardest part about all this growing is that I still live with my parents. When I get my own place eventually it will be much easier to grow and enjoy herb peacefully. :cool:

I hope you guys know me more now


Welcome to MP. Hope to see ya around the forum. :)

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