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opinions of double ended lights

Surfer Joe

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Oct 18, 2013
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I was reading about how double ended hid lighting setups can produce a lot more light for the money, but they seem to require a whole new ballast system and the reflector hoods don't seem to have a way of attaching to an air cooling setup.
Is anyone using these types of light, and can they be air-cooled? It also looks like the ballast is connected to the reflector lamp housing and that would add more stuff inside the tent and maybe add to the heat. Can the ballasts be set outside the tent?
Thanks for any advice.


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Nov 7, 2008
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Found this...

What is a double ended grow light?
This relatively new technology in HPS and MH lighting has quickly become the go to for HID lighting. Double ended, or DE for short, utilize a different design, where wires on either side of the bulb attach to sockets in the reflector. Single ended bulbs still use an Edison type screw in, and thus SE and DE bulbs are not compatible. DE bulbs range between 600 Watts-1000 Watts, and generally include a specific ballast and reflector with the bulb.

Are double ended grow lights better?
Growers find that double ended grow lights emit more powerful light, and in a larger quantity. These types of grow lights are typically used by commercial growers, whereas single ended grow lights are more typical in hobby grows. There are a few reasons why DE grow lights are better than SE grow lights.

Double ended grow lights are more powerful
As mentioned earlier, these emit 10-30% more intense light than SE bulbs, while simultaneously emitting more Ultraviolet and infrared light. DE grow lights can result in yields 20-50% greater than an indoor garden with an SE light. This is why they are used in commercial grow rooms and warehouses, because the weights achieved are consistently higher at the same wattage.

Double ended grow lights are more efficient
The high frequencies these lamps run on lead to a higher level of efficiency, saving money on energy bills as well. When operating two of the same grow lights with DE and SE technology, the double ended option will cost less (while putting out more usable light).

How long do double ended grow light bulbs last?
DE grow lights also have a significantly longer life than SE counterparts. Even after 10,000 hours of use, efficiency only drops by 10% When comparing costs of SE vs DE grow lights, factor in how much longer your DE will last.

If you have a smaller indoor garden and space is tight, we recommend a single ended grow light, as DE grow lights require more space between them and the plants due to the intensified light


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Aug 6, 2020
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Just hang 2 lights vertical one HPS and the other MH
Then rotate plants around then every few days.


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Aug 16, 2017
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They do make air cooled DE Reflectors. They also make remote DE Ballasts.

Another thing to consider is you have to have 36-40 inches from the very top of the canopy, or it WILL FRY THEM. DE HID has super intense Infrared, and you also need either really really really good air flow, or CO2, or it will be to much light for the space because of lack of CO2/Fresh Air flow. With all that light comes with an increased need for CO2/Ventilation ect.

Normal SE light is easier to control, and requires a lot less distance between the plant canopy, and the bulb

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