Outdoor Qld grow prep


Feb 2, 2015
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Hey guys and gals!
Firstly thanks for letting me join im a new member and look forward to getting to know you guys :)

Had a go for 1 1/2 years indoor growing, had a blast but I have decided to move to the outdoor/organic team..
I have from last indoor run:
3x bigbud fem seeds
2x sleestack skunk reg seeds
2x THC bomb reg seeds
2x white widow eeg seeds.

Going to start a worm farm x2 after doing more re search on what foods better to produce worm casting suited for flowering/vegative growth but I shall read up more on that.

I will be growing outdoors/guerrilla growing in SE QLD so humidity can be An issue..

My first question is will strains do ok for climate based on any experience? ? (I will read up on strain weaknesses)
And any suggestions on strains for outdoor aussie climates as I keep reading mixed opinions and cant choose (pref indica dom so easy to hide)

Im contemplating start seeds off in seedling mix and re potting into organic soil mix (4 parts organic soil, 2 parts coc coir and 1x worm castings, 3 cups of potash per 25kg and feed via water once a week worm juice/pond water with fish waste) but mix/ratio im researching more to get more bang out of my soil :)

Going to grow in 56L tubs and water via pin prick in 10L bottles once a week to try and keep everything moist but not flooded to minimize visiting traffic.
Should I lst or tip? Or better off letting do there thing?
Will be growing chillis to make home made pesticide to hopefully help minimize that issue but would chili damage preflowers?

Snow never happens where I am but the odd 1 degree Celsius for a few hrs does happen during winter but not often so not to worried unless I should be?

Asking/preping for next season as about to go into winter season and wanna be well prepared by next spring:)
Thank you in advance for opinions and feedback :D

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