Perlite dust control solution


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Apr 17, 2008
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bored again and figurin how to tone down the whoel dust situation I encounter inside when messin wit perlite. though not a whoel lot, it still bugs me. mostly when I add to pile of soil to mix with and I reach in and sorta fluff it all it ends up poofin up clouds of perlite dust ...
anyway got idea.
I just took awhat I needed to add to soil and filled a plastic bin wit RO water and dumped in perlite amont I needed into the bin of water and voila!!!! dust all sunk to bottom and all the good better chunks all floated :D also eliminated all the tiny crunched up crap form nbottom of the perlite bags too which for no real reason, I just didn't like them evr. LOL
also an added additional bonus is I didn't even have tyo mist the soil mix as a whole later prior to letting sit to cook either. the perlite held enuff residual water within its pores etc it was nuff to add nuff moisture to the soil. perfect amount actually. I actually find myself always either not addin nuff water or even add too much . can never gauge it how much water to wet the mix from batch to batch. im sure due to soil not bein exactly 100% consistent.

oh and of course I used a strainer to scoop the perlite out from bin of water before addin to soil too. figured id clarify that before someone ends up tryin it and dumpin whiole tub of water that they put perlkite into to rinse.
I suppose one could also do smaller amounts repetitively risning strainers full under a faucet too but whatever works I guess. I just killed botu a dozen birds wit one stone here with this and solved a few different annoyances of mine in my way of doin thinsg and figured id pass it on. im sure someone else has had same frustrations as I wit perlite dust indoors too so... or maybe not?


Jul 25, 2008
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I always spritz it down with a water bottle right before I scoop it to the soil mix. Seems to work well for me. Good post there zipflip.

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