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Dr MadBud
Mar 26, 2011
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ruufuus said:
well i will be feeding through a res, using ebb and flow. but i understand what you are saying. is it best to follow the feeding instructions? or does someone know a modified schedule that works best by any chance =]?

I am not sure about the Gen Hydro nutes as I use Technaflora, but It's been my experience that most of the nute brands will have you dosing a bit heavier than is needed(at least at first). I look at the feeding schedule dosing amounts and cut it to 1/4 for initial mixture and then check the ppm on the TDS meter.

For young plants that are fully rooted(about 2-3wks) I start them at around 400ppm on the TDS meter. Then I up it after 2 feedings to around 600ppm. After 2-3 feedings if they are growing nicely and are not showing any nute burn, I increase it to around 800ppm, and stay with that till flower.

Once I reach the flowering phase I fluish out my system with fresh water a few times and clean my rez. Then I start my flowering nutes with a little extra grow nutes mixed in and try to get the TDS to around 1000ppm for 2 feedings. Then I cut out the grow nutes and just stay with the flower nutes at around 1200ppm to harvest.

In hydro(IMO) it is easier to make little adjustments to the nutrients, and you will find yourself micromanaging the system(if you are that kind of person as I am). That is why I prefer chem/hydro to organic/soil.


Jan 24, 2009
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Dr.Drew said:
Where's all the organic growers at? I use BMO ebay only but it's awesome. I barely use my ph meter anymore I think it's collecting dust. Organic ferts+hydro+lots of bubbles=perfect ph all the time I regret ever using any chems on my girls, other then cal mag ofc :) oh ya ph up is bakin soda, ph down is lemon juice.

Although Lemon juice and baking soda will work in a pinch I wldnt use them with any regularity. Like THG said they don't hold the ph very long. There are other cheap alternatives if you really want to DIY. I believe car battery acid is used to make ph down. Not sure about up. I just buy the GH up and down in powder form. I spent under 30 bucks and they hve lasted me close to a year and I still hve half a container of down and 3/4 of a container of up.

I also don't think you cld tell the difference in taste of the bud I grow with GH Flora 3 part from that grown organically.