pollenizing video, nature's beauty!!



A utube video called the beauty of pollinization!! I just loved the hummingbird segment. one of these days I'd like to get a HD, TV, Can anybody give me first hand info on that Visio ?? brand at costco.

Black Friday, comein up!! Anyway, pic of a hanging begonia, not bad for the middle of Nov., hasn't froze yet!! Ya know, I can drive to canada in 45 minutes, it would be fun to drive to Vancover and go to Gas Town, maybe out to stanley park. I've heard that gas town is very herb friendly !! All the shops have pipes, bongs, kief boxes, etc. I haven't been to Vancover since expo 81, I know that since 9/11 the borders a big hassle here in Wash. I think I may need a Passport even, things have sure changed,


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