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Jun 13, 2006
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Does any one knows what makes a plant purple? I have bought strains that were known to be purple but just werent always purple. Like for instance if you have heard of a strain called granddaddy then you would know its suppose to be a naturally purple strain. I have bought this strain at the club before and on different occassions the buds werent even purple. Sometimes there batch would be and sometime it wouldnt. Is this have to do with the growth cycle?


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May 26, 2005
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Genetics can account for a plant being purple, so can cold temps during flowering.
Other than that all I can suggest is that maybe it's an unstable strain.

A guy I knew way back in the 70's developed s train he called Agoura Purple. This stuff was so purple than when you cut it, it oozed purple sap I kid you not.
Agoura Purple was in the top 3 most potent strains I've smoked. But then again someone else J J grew some weed that was breathtakingly beautiful purple and it barely got you high. And I've grown purple buds that were so-so. So color has nothing to do with potency.
And when purple buds are dried & cured, they pretty much look like non-purple buds at that point. I've only seen weed twice that retained it's purple color when ready to smoke (Agoura Purple was one).


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Feb 28, 2006
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speaking of purple i found a pic of a nice purple haze plant i cant post it cuz the file too big so i have to crop it or somthing i guess? and i seen some purple purple buds b4 all around purple kush 1 hit and i was really high but if anyone in this forum can grow a all purple plant i give you mad props:)

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