Question about drying. But not what you think

Discussion in 'Harvesting - Drying & Curing' started by Caw, Feb 10, 2020.

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    I removed this one early. I just ran out of patience for it - too much space, not enough tricome production.

    So, my plan is to order some bags for bubble hash making. From what I've read, you can do it with frozen, fresh for best tasting. Or, frozen, dry for higher yield. At this point, I just want to do something with it quick, without drying and curing...

    My questions:
    Is it fine to leave it as is over night, or a couple days? Must it be hung for some reason?

    I did a quick trim, which was much easier on the plant. It's out of water right now, in an empty bucket just sitting. I've had a rough weekend and have had enough for tonight. But, wanna know if I need to turn it upside down or not. The plan is to remove the flowers tomorrow and put it in freezer bags.

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