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question about pre flowering

i love reefnugs

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Jun 15, 2006
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i have had some plants growning for near 2 months and i havent seen anything that resembles the sex of the plant or flowering or anything. im very new to this and dontknow much about what it should look like. ive seen many guides but none with pictures. ive had the plants in a pot for a little over a month. i figured it would take some time after transplanting them but is it this normal to be this slow. i dont have any special light set up going..just sitting under a window. i figured the sunlight would be good enough to grow it. i have a picture of them unfortunately i am also new to the forum so i dont know how to put it on here. this is a link to the picture if u need to see it.

so any advice/tips would be much appreciated.
thank you in advance


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May 26, 2005
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Sorry to say, but what you have is garbage.
I'm wondering what kind of grow guide's you read.
Basic info:
-I plant per container.
-You can't grow pot with light coming in from a window.
-You need a growspace, such as a closet.

If you're serious about growing, you're gonna have to do some reading. If you can't find anything free by Ed Rosenthal on the internet, go to a bookstore and buy one of his books.


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Mar 30, 2006
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You'll be much happier if you do a little more planning, what you have now is going to take the rest of the season to make very little.

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