Question, I will have my grow room, but if i dont wanna spend any more $$ should i



Make a Mother plant to Clone?

And will this mother plant be in her own little box? and can one mother plant keep clones comming? if i wanted to clone about 20 at a time?

How does this work ? - i want to have a Steady flow of cannabis comming in, so ill clone, so how owuld i go about a set-up for this?


Aero Lord
Jul 18, 2006
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You can definately clone from a mother... her own box or another 24/0 room is best... a couple mothers also helps a bit... i know a lot of ppl that have their mothers under flouros and it works fine for them... i just find it a pain to raise them up every couple days... for quick veggin u want a hps or mh over them. or keep them under flouros till u need clones.. then bust out the hps for a couple weeks to get her back into giving mode.

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