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Really that bad out there!



News is on, I am watching a report about people looking for work...and selling everything to pack up their campers and chase work. OUCH! The report showed the foolishness of this, people in Wal-Mart lots with no money or gas, stranded and worse off.

What these people don't understand is that the job market now has the luxury of being picky who is hired. Experience is now needed and required at most places where it wasn't a year or so ago. Some newscasts are to blame for this as well as wishful thinking, I've seen whole cities being touted as in need of workers, yet no info on requirements are given...this has fueled the false hopes. Reports of jobs like crazy in some states should be checked into fully before making a big move that could potentially leave you homeless!

This just shows how some will only know what they hear or see on TV or in the papers....

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